Fire Marshal Training - HFR Solutions CIC Training Centre, Hessle Nr Hull

By HFR Solutions CIC | Event Date: 17 Mar 2017

Course:         Fire Marshal Training

Venue:           HFR Solutions CIC, Training Centre, Fire Service Headquarters

Date:              Friday 17th March

Duration:       1 Day

Supporting your Fire Marshal to fully understand their workplace obligations and responsibilities 

Our comprehensive One Day Fire Marshal training course will be delivered on the 17th March and is designed to equip your Fire Marshal with the skills, knowledge and confidence to keep your organisation compliant with fire legislation, perform their duties in an effective manner and ensure fire procedures are adhered too.

The Role of your Fire Marshal
Staying updated with fire safety regulations can be a real challenge for any organisation, that's why the role of your Fire Marshal is critical to managing fire safety and risks in your workplace. Working with HFR Solutions CIC ensures your Fire Marshal will receive the correct and latest impartial advice on fire safety and regulations from experienced and qualified instructors.

Fire Marshals perform the vital role of keep your workplace safe in the event of fire. Although this role essentially comprises of performing many duties of a fire risk assessment, such as mitigating risks of fire in the first place, actual tasks will vary from organisation to organisation, based upon factors such as the nature of the organisation, staff numbers employed and the size of your premises.

Whether you have recently assumed a Fire Marshal's responsibility OR just need to revalidate your certification
As part of workplace safety training requirements, Fire Marshals need to undertake a refresher training course every three years to validate their existing Fire Marshal certification.
This role is usually split into two different elements, the proactive function of daily maintenance as well as the secondary reactive element during an alarm or confirmed fire.

Fire Marshal’s provide essential fire prevention support to the fire risk assessment process take control in the event of an emergency, following agreed evacuation procedures to ensure the safety of fellow workers.

Our comprehensive training syllabus covers the main duties of a Fire Marshal;

  • Identifying fire hazards in the workplace
  • Report hazards to the relevant people (i.e. Fire Safety Officer)
  • Take the correct and necessary action in the event of a fire outbreak
  • Ensure that escape routes are kept clear and exit doors are available for use
  • Fire extinguishers are sealed and in the correct locations
  • Fire alarms are clear and unobstructed
  • Fire safety signs are in position
  • All weekly fire alarm tests should be reported if faulty
Learner Outcomes
Through a mixture of blended practical and theoretical based learning, from the duties of a fire marshal, site specific hazards, fire prevention measures, selection and limitations of a fire extinguishers and legislation, your organisation and fire marshal will benefit from:  
  • Learn - from business & fire safety specialists - HFR Solutions CIC Direct alignment with Humberside Fire & Rescue Service
  • Supporting your organisation in maintaining compliance with fire legislation
  • Reduced risk of prosecution
  • Better informed of fire workplace legislation
  • Hold a better understanding of their role and responsibilities - Duties of a Fire Marshal (general and site specific)
  • Increased knowledge of site specific fire hazards
  • Increased confidence to understand their role
  • Better prepared to respond in the event of fire
Our extensive range of business and fire safety solutions includes delivering fire awareness, fire extinguisher, fire marshal and industrial firefighting training as well as completing fire risk assessments, fire evacuation plans and supplying of P50 fire extinguishers.

HFR Solution CIC's Training Provision 
HFR Solutions CIC range of workplace safety and bespoke training courses includes:
  • Working at Heights 
  • Confined Spaces
  • Fire Safety & Prevention (Fire Extinguisher, Fire Marshal and Fire Awareness Training)
  • Industrial Firefighting
  • Emergency Response & Preparation
  • Environmental, Hazmat & Spill Teams
  • First Aid 
  • Health & Safety
  • Behavioural Safety & Leadership
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Five Evacuation Plans
  • Safety Interventions / Risk Prevention
  • Supply Fire Extinguishers

HFR Solutions CIC holds years of experience in training and responding to emergency situations. No matter what safety training, incident response, safety team deployment or fire and business safety requirements you or your organisation may require, contact us today to discuss your matter further.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in further detail, please call HFR Solutions CIC on 01482 398521 or email 

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