Humber Renewables Awards 2017

By Hull Daily Mail | Event Date: 9 Mar 2017

Date: Thursday, March 9, 2017.

Venue: The Deep, Tower St, Hull HU1 4DP

The Humber Renewables Awards is returning for a sixth year and will recognise success across nine categories. It is in partnership with Siemens and supported by some of Hull and East Yorkshire's strongest companies, will honour those doing their bit to make this area a fulcrum of green energy.

The Humber's flasgship awards for the renewables industry have been launched with the search on for some of the most enterprising companies, pioneering individuals and groundbreaking organisations in the world of green energy.

A top speaker is being lined up and the dinner will gather together industry leaders and experts from across the region and beyond.

The awards also offer something for companies operating outside renewable energy but with a green focus.

Any business, individual or public sector organisation based on sustainability, minimising environmental impact and improving our eco-friendly reputation is welcome to apply.

Nominations are now open and close on Wednesday, February 8, 2017.

A panel of independent judges - drawn from the renewables industry and local business community - will produce a shortlist of finalists and decide the winners after the deadline for entries.

Award categories

Category 1: Humber Renewables Small Business of the Year (under 50 employees)

• Category sponsor: Cobus Communications

This category is open to firms with up to 50 staff and will recognise those which have spotted an opportunity in the renewables market. The winner will be able to demonstrate fast growth, a healthy profit and a solid plan for the future. It could be a company set up solely to work in green energy or a traditional business which has branched out. One of the reasons Siemens decided to invest in Hull was the great green infrastructure the Humber already has. From small-scale manufacturing to maintenance of turbines or services, there are so many ways to take advantage of the energy revolution.

  • 2016 winner: EYG Solar

Category 2: Best Renewable Energy Project or Installation in the Humber Area

• Category sponsor: PureSpeed

This prize is for the designers and manufacturers behind the best green energy installations. Judges will be looking for a winning project that produces clean power, is built to the highest of standards and shows off the region's world-class expertise. The category is open to schemes of any scale, from multi-million pound developments to micro-generation programmes. It could be won by a firm focused on renewables or a company, public sector organisation or educational establishment which has done its bit to reduce our carbon footprint. Schools, colleges or stately homes with the latest green heating and energy technology are welcome to apply.

  • 2016 winner: E.ON

Category 3: Excellence in Renewable Skills and Training

• Category sponsor: RSM

Multi-national green energy companies may have their eyes on the region but success in bringing them here means nothing if they cannot find qualified East Yorkshire employees. Getting the training right for any potential workforce is vital and this award will celebrate those organisations which have done most to create a much-needed skills base. The category is open to employers, specialist centres and education providers. They must have has established a training programme, apprenticeship scheme, degree or other activity which is meeting the needs of individuals and the industry.

  • 2016 winner: Hull College Group

Category 4: Renewables Education

• Category sponsor: Hull College Group

This category will reward the educators who have done most to promote the value of clean power. It could be as part of an energy qualification or learning programme run by a university of college, or a one-off project at a primary or secondary school. Nominations will be able to demonstrate what the aims of the education project were, how they were achieved and any feedback from students. Submissions may also include details of whether, and how, the project was supported by representatives of the renewables industry.

  • 2016 winner: HETA

Category 5: Green Innovation

• Category sponsor: ABP

If green energy is ever going to compete with fossil fuels, it needs to bring down costs – and that is where this award comes in. It will reward firms of any size which go out of their way to be more efficient and are not afraid to come up with unusual approaches. Judges will be looking to see how innovation has made a real difference to their work. That could be developing a different business model, refining existing technology to make it leaner and more effective or coming up with a brand new way of generating power. This award is not just open to energy firms, though. Companies which recycle oil or waste are also welcome to apply, as are businesses in other sectors which have thought up inventive methods of reducing their carbon footprint.

  • 2016 winner: Bio-D

Category 6: Humber Renewables Medium/Large Business of the Year (over 50 employees)

• Category sponsor: KRL Group

Running a major company is tough in any field but an emerging sector like renewable energy is even harder than most. Business have to be instantly adaptable, on top of the latest technology and ready to make the most of opportunities offered by the Government's green agenda. This award's winner will be a regional firm with at least 50 employees and bold ambitions to become even bigger. It could be looking to capitalise on Siemens' investment through opportunities on land or at sea, or working in a totally different field. As the region gears up for Green Port Hull, successful large and medium companies are vital for providing the infrastructure needed. Judges will be looking at past financial performance and recruitment in the past year.

  • 2016 winner: Associated British Ports

Category 7: Engaging the Community

• Category sponsor: Spencer Group

Public perception is vitally important for any new technology trying to get off the ground. Renewable energy needs the support of the man on the street if it is to succeed, so this accolade will go to a firm or public sector group which puts the community at the heart of everything it does. That could range from school visits or work experience to exciting exhibitions. The winner will be a able to offer real leadership on green energy issues. It could be a long-established organisation or one it its infancy but must show a desire to reach out beyond the boardroom to Humber families.

  • 2016 winner: RES

Category 8:Rising Star

This new category for 2017, which was created following feedback from sponsors and participants in the 2016 awards, focuses on an individual or a company that has recently entered the renewables market and has shown drive to seize opportunities in the industry. The judges will be looking for an example of the enterprise and imagination which will help define the region's renewables future.

  • *New Category

Category 9: Humber Renewables Champion

• Category sponsor: Siemens

The winner of this award will have a passionate focus on promoting the renewables industry. It could be an individual, public sector body or company – the key is a real focus on making the Humber the energy estuary. They will have tirelessly campaigned to promote green power. A worthy winner would be anyone who has helped attract new investment, encouraged the Government to support the region's ambitions or paved the way for more jobs. With so many big energy firms based abroad, it could also be an organisation or person who has done their bit to ensure our reputation stretches beyond the UK's shores. Judges will be looking for candidates whose aim was not just to further their own business but create opportunities for everyone. This is a special award, and no nominations will be accepted. Judges will pick a winner they feel is most deserving.

  • 2016 winner: Mike Cargill, director of UK Stem Ltd

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