15 amazing facts about The Deep in Hull to celebrate its 15th birthday

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 19 Mar 2017

The Deep celebrates its 15th birthday this week and is more popular than ever.

Regarded as one of the world's a leading marine research centres, The Deep has also become Hull's iconic location featuring in photographs and videos around the world.

Built at a cost of £45m as one of the Millennium Projects to celebrate the year 2000, the Deep opened on Saturday March 23, 2002 and remains the most successful of dozens of projects for visitor numbers. The Deep is also operated as a trust meaning all profits are reinvested.

To mark 15-years since opening here are some amazing facts about Hull's favourite visitor attraction kindly provide by the staff at The Deep.

1) Water lot of water!

There are over 3,066,945 litres of water in all our tanks across the building

2) Big and Smail

Our smallest animal is the Moquito Rasbora at 18mm in length and our largest animal is the Green Sawfish at 2.9 metres

3) Friends forever

If you signed up to be a Friend of The Deep through the Hull Daily Mail before our funding was in place, then your name is still on a plaque in reception

4) Not so Deep

The Deep was nearly called The Evolving Sea Centre

5) Marine mentors

We have mentored 38 BSC (Hons) degree students and 8 MSC (Hons) students from 7 universities across the UK

6) Hull's X-Man

Professor Xavier from the X-Men - Patrick Stewart - does the voice-over for our introduction film

7) Love in a Cold Climate

Five couples who met working at The Deep are now married.

8) Species specialists

We discovered a new hybrid species of Manta ray in the Red Sea

9) What lies beneath

There is a time capsule buried under the building from the year 2000 which was buried by TV presenter and gardener Charlie Dimmock along with local schoolchildren

10) Cat-fish

The Deep is the only aquarium to give a living 3m shark a CAT scan

11) Running jaws

In 2013, our Science Officer Graham Hill, below, ran the London Marathon in a 3m great white shark costume that weighed 4kg– he crossed the line in 5 hours and 23 minutes and 33 seconds

12) Sticky fingers

We've made over 54,000 pots of slime with children since we opened

13) Deeper love

On Sunday 15 March 2017, we were busier than our opening day 15 years ago

14) Starring role

Our new Lagoon was part themed by Ruth Harrison a themic artist who was a set artist on a Star Wars film

15) Model man

15) The Birth Pangs of an Icon, a book by The Deep's retiring chief executive Colin Brown, is being used by Harvard Business School as a case study

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