ABP Port of Hull: Behind the scenes of a powerful operation that has served the city for almost a century

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 2 Oct 2017

Here is a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the operation at ABP Port of Hull like you have probably never seen it before.

Humberbusiness.com was given rare access to everything from its all weather terminal, to its container terminal.

ABP Humber ports are made up of Hull, Goole, Immingham and Grimsby ports.

ABP Port of Hull supports 1,000 jobs, contributes £538m to the local economy each year and covers around 3,000 acres of land - enough to fit about 1,500 football pitches.

It has a history stretching back centuries. Here we learn a bit more about the huge operation which takes place right here in Hull - and some of it might surprise you.

ABP Port of Hull

A view of King George Dock from the top of one of the cranes for discharging containers

Peter Harbour

King George Dock was officially opened in 1914 to service the coal demand, import and export.

The Port also originally opened to export wool from the surrounding area, but quickly became a major harbour with mix trade.

It currently handles around 10m tonnes each year.

All weather terminal

The all weather terminal

Its all weather terminal is the UK's largest and only fully-enclosed all weather terminal.

It is a state-of-the-art facility that has multimodal interconnectivity with train, vessel and vehicle access for transporting cargo.

The train calls around three times a week and it arrives from the midlands.

It handles weather-sensitive cargoes, including steel and bagged products. The steel reels, shown on the video above, will end up making Jaguar and Land Rover cars.

It has an ability to discharge 80 lifts per hour.

Hull Container Terminal- Queen Elizabeth Dock

A view of King George Dock from the top of one of the cranes for discharging containers

Peter Harbour

A 20ft container can carry 48,000 bananas.

If all the containers handled in the Humber were put end to end, they would stretch from London to Mumbai to India - that’s a whopping 4,470 miles.

Hull has a dedicated container terminal stretching over 30 acres. The terminal has benefited from over £15m of recent investment by ABP, which included two new Liebherr ship to shore cranes.

It handles more than 9,000 containers per month. They can contain anything from IKEA furniture, food, electronics and even people’s belongings.

In the summer, Christmas gifts arrive, and in the winter, barbeques arrive. All to ensure everything gets to the shops in time.

Powering the nation (26 Shed biomass)

Port workers moving biomass pellets in the storage unit on King George Dock

Peter Harbour

This is a key part of the energy supply chain serving major power stations in the Trent and Aire Valleys.

The port handles a product called biomass which is a sustainable wood pellet to help fuel power stations such as Drax in Selby.

36,000 tonnes of biomass can be stored in 26 Shed.

It cost £4m to build because it is unique in its high-spec design. It has an innovative inside-out design so the dust doesn’t settle on the beams making the cleaning process more efficient.

It can deliver 1,500 tonnes of biomass on one train and the train can be loaded in just 40 minutes.


Timber being stored on King George Dock

Peter Harbour

Hull is on the softwood timber trade routes from Northern Europe, Russia, the Baltic States, and Scandinavia

A wide range of paper products and specialist paper-handling vessels can be accommodated at The Finland Terminal, which has more than 70,000sq m of covered storage.

A range of forest products such as chipboard, plywood, fibreboards and veneers are also handled.

P&O Ferry

The Pride of Hull at King George Dock

Peter Harbour

P&O Ferries operate Terminals 1 and 2 for their daily Hull-Rotterdam and Hull-Zeebrugge freight, car, and passenger crossings.

P&O Ferries sees more than a million passengers and 200,000 cars and freight units across the North Sea.

Hull is the fourth largest UK port for international sea passengers with nearly a million passengers a year travelling with P&O.

Hull provides the only passenger service from the Humber Estuary.

To find out more about ABP, visit its website here.

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