Big new housing scheme is branded 'mind-boggling' and would 'destroy' Waltham

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 8 May 2017

Controversial proposals to build nearly 200 new houses in Waltham could cause "mind-boggling" traffic problems that would "destroy" the village.

Serious knock-on problems for school places, getting doctors' appointments and other services could also be sparked, critics claim.

Members and supporters of Waltham Residents' Action Group spelled out their opposition to the scheme at a meeting.

Housing developer Cyden Homes wants to build the houses on land west of Brigsley Road, Waltham.

MORE NEWS: Councillor attempts to have land removed from North East Lincolnshire Local Plan

Rob Miall, 47, who lives on the edge of the village at Brigsley Road, told the meeting that he feared big traffic problems if the scheme went ahead.

"It's mind-boggling," he said. "It's going to destroy Waltham."

He claimed the volume of traffic would be increased and the village had reached "saturation point".

He added: "I find it heartbreaking that, over the years, the village has been slowly eroded by traffic and pollution.

"Waltham village is absolutely horrendous at certain times of the day.

"There is no real thorough thought to this at all.

"Everyone accepts that we have got to have development – and more development – but there is no infrastructure with it."

Action group chairman Keith Smith said the scheme had come to a "bit of a halt" because people were waiting for Cyden Homes to produce a revised application.

He claimed the site was "completely unsustainable" and would "ruin the character of the village" because of congestion.

"The village just can't take any more residents or traffic," he claimed.

The access to the site was on a "dangerous bend" at Norman Corner.

The action group is hoping that the scheme will be removed from the draft Local Plan and refused by North East Lincolnshire Council.

Mr Smith told the meeting: "Waltham is a popular and desired residential area. There isn't a shortage of houses. There's nearly always 50 houses on the market."

He claimed the "strain" put on the area if the houses were built would be "irreversible" and would "stay with our future generations".

He added: "I haven't met anyone who does like it."

Andrew Appleyard, of Westfield Road, Waltham, said: "The village has become far too congested."

He claimed there would be problems for parents getting local school places for their children and that there would be parking difficulties.

"Waltham hasn't even got a doctor's," he said.

"It's a lovely place to live but you can't park at the shops. It's got worse over the last seven or eight years."

Ward councillor Philip Jackson said: "I am against the application and there's a huge number of objections on the council's planning portal.

"There's about 200 objections."

He told the meeting: "There's a big problem with school places in Waltham. There's a shortage of primary school places in Waltham."

There was already "over-demand" for school places.

He added: "It's not as though Waltham is being nimby" (not in my back yard).

Mr Smith said: "If the site comes off the Local Plan, it's a dead duck until at least 2032.

"It's not just about Waltham. It's going to affect Scartho and New Waltham. It affects everyone."

Martin Vickers, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Cleethorpes, told the meeting: "If we can get this application ruled out of the Local Plan, it is as good as dead for the next ten years."

Roy Horobin, the Liberal Democrat candidate, has previously said: "I am concerned that there are so many empty properties in North East Lincolnshire. The Conservative government's policy is not addressing this."

Peter Keith, the Labour candidate for Cleethorpes, has said: "New housing should be appropriately located and in-keeping with the village character of Waltham."

Green Party candidate Loyd Emmerson has said: "We are a listening party and we trade in hope and not in fear. We always listen to the residents' needs before making a final decision and we will take their views on board."

Cyden Homes was not represented at the meeting and was unavailable for comment.

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