Caring Scunthorpe-based company aiming to raise £10k for charity

By Scunthorpe Telegraph | Posted: 25 Apr 2017

IT service provider and accounting software specialist HBP Systems have recently announced they intend to raise a total of £10,000 for local charities over the coming years.

This comes after the Scunthorpe-based company, initiated the formation of a brand new Charity Committee run by employees with the intention of organising and carrying out fundraising for local causes.

HBP will be donating a large portion of the money raised in their efforts to the Sick Children's Trust who specialise in caring for the families of seriously unwell children by providing free accommodation near to their children and emotional and practical support during that time.

This decision to sponsor the charity came after HBP Systems employee Jonny Pearson was supported by The Sick Children's Trust when his twins Olivia and Jacob were born prematurely and had to be hospitalised for 3-4 months.

The charity provided Jonny and his wife with accommodation close to the hospital so they could be near the children while they were sick.

Jonny said: "You don't realise how amazing a charity like this is until you go through something like we did.

"The Sick Children's Trust meant we could always be close to Olivia and Jake and we could be with them on the road to recovery. We had a rollercoaster three months and couldn't imagine what we would have done without somewhere to stay."

HBP Systems' directors have pledged to match any amount raised by the charity committee, or that raised by any of their employees, as part of their vision to support employees and excel as an employer.

The company are also intending to donate some of the money raised from their efforts to the Dove House Hospice in Hull - who provide essential care and life-improving support for people suffering with terminal illnesses.

The company chose to sponsor Dove House after Finance Manager, Niki Smith was personally supported when her Grandfather was cared for by the charity during his final weeks.

Dove House made Niki's Grandfather comfortable and allowed the family to spend the time together as a whole.

Niki said, "I'm so pleased to be able to support a local charity that has made such a difference to so many families across Hull. The work they do is so important and we've been given a great opportunity to help them."

HBP Software Implementations Consultant, Shadeen Warner-Bell, chairs HBP's Charity Committee, which comprises of three other members of staffs: Niki Smith, Joshua Ashton, and Farrah Twigg.

But the HBP Charity Committee's role extends far beyond raising money for charities, as Committee chair Shadeen Warner Bell explains: "We're not just working to raise money for the charities we selected, we're also very much focussing on the wellbeing of HBP Systems staff and we're trying to incorporate that into our charity work by hosting events that involve staff participation and support to help us raise those funds."

She added: "We're very excited about the future of the Committee. We've got a fantastic team together and the response to the fundraising has been great so far."

The charity committee will aim to reach their £10,000 goal through a variety of different fundraising initiatives - the first of which was a valentine's raffle where the winning ticket was awarded a romantic meal for two at a restaurant of their choice.

Plans are already in action for the next major fundraising event to be held in the summer.

HBP Systems managing director, Joanne Dixon said: "Raising money for charity is very important to all of us here at HBP but we wanted to give our team the opportunity to call the shots.

"If employees get to choose who we raise money for and come up with their own ideas as to how we go about it, this will create high levels of engagement and innovation."

She added: "Setting up a charity committee has other benefits too, including developing its member's teamwork and organisational skills. All have joined on a purely voluntary basis and have a genuine passion for helping other people. I am enormously proud of them."

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