Christmas comes early for many with Lincolnshire's own gin launch

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 17 Apr 2017

THERE are exciting times ahead for gin enthusiasts as a local couple have launched Lincolnshire's first distilled gin.

Pin Gin has been launched at an intimate gathering at the Oaklands Hotel, Laceby.

Behind the label are Alan Bottomley, 33, and Amy Conyard, 29, from Louth, who spontaneously decided to start their own gin business, Bottomley Distillers.

Engineer Alan explained: "I was driving home from work one day and I thought, 'we are going to start making gin and growing Christmas trees'. The idea just sprung on me and I told Amy and it all went from there."

Amy added: "He came and told me his idea and I replied with 'of course we are' and continued making dinner as you do – and here we are now."

The couple have been working on the idea since last year and have spent many months researching the gap in the market and sampling various concoctions.

Their gin contains just 10 botanicals, something they believe makes it unique in the production.

Alan explained: "A lot of gin manufacturers use around 20 to 30 botanicals but after trialling different flavour ideas, researching and asking advice from gin experts, we decided that our gin would have 10 key things. People will be able to recognise what they are tasting and pick out different aspects of it such as lavender."

They have distilled two different flavours with one being more floral for summer and the other being a winter warmer, featuring cinnamon and orange. Not that Amy got much of a look in on that front.

She was pregnant at the time of the trials for the gins and was unable to sample the finished product until recently, with daughter, Molly-Rose, a potential heiress.

Around 50 guests enjoyed sampling the flavours and admiring the simple yet memorable signature labels. The design, thought up by Alan's friend, Nathan Boon, is modest but noticeable.

"We wanted something clean and crisp, which this label is," Amy said. "I thought up the name Pin Gin with just a play on words. Alan said about growing Christmas trees and distilling gin and I thought how could we put those two together? So I started thinking of pine needles and then shortened it to pin and it became Pin Gin.

"It seems to really work. We've had people come forward with their own play on words where they've said pin and tonic and we think it's great that people can do that. It makes it more memorable."

Alan added: "If you're scouring a bar that has a number of gins lined up, Pin Gin is still going to stand out even though it's simple. It's clear so people can see what is inside, they can see the gin in the bottle."

Pin Gin will now sit in line with other gins stocked at The Comfy Duck at The Oaklands, something restaurant manager Jamie Loring is excited about. "I am really passionate about gin.

"The fact we are now able to promote and sell Lincolnshire's first distilled gin is great. It's a drink local people will be able to relate to and it's so unique. Having it at The Oaklands is something to be proud of and we are very proud to sell it.

"We will be pushing and promoting the sale of it, not that we need to as it's already flying off the shelf, but it's local and we think that's brilliant."

The gin will also be sold in other parts of Lincolnshire, including Lincoln, Boston, Gainsborough, and the couple's home town of Louth.

Emma Beaumont, 32, who owns Beaumont Deli in Louth, ordered a large stock of the gin ready to sell in her own fine food and drink deli. She explained: "This gin being local is just so unique. We are a unique business selling a unique product and we are really excited about that. We sell a variety of gin but because this one belongs to Lincolnshire, it becomes more special to us. Especially as we are selling it in its home town.

"It has a great taste, it's a great brand and we are proud to endorse it. We have already had people coming in and asking when we are going to start selling it."

That launch happened on Saturday with reports suggesting it has already sold out.

"I think this gin is going to be very successful in such a noisy market," Mrs Beaumont added.

Pin Gin is priced at £34.95, with a smaller 20cl bottle priced at £13.95. Amy explained: "We understand that not everyone may want to buy a big bottle so they'd rather not spend that amount of money on a larger bottle and opt for a smaller sample to try. The smaller bottle would be a great gift for someone if they're visiting Lincolnshire or even as a random purchase."

Alan and Amy hope their company, based in Newbridge Hill, will expand and have future plans to move their business from their specially converted out-house.

"As our company grows, we hope we will take on more people to help which is an opportunity for career prospects and we are going to try to break into areas outside of Lincolnshire as well," Amy added.

"We are absolutely overwhelmed with the support and we just want to thank everybody who has helped us along the way. They've been brilliant and everyone has been so supportive. We are really grateful for their help and support.

"We will also be donating to a company charity that is really personal to us which helps those who have suffered from encephalitis. My mum has suffered with it and it has left her quite poorly so we are going to help with that. As our business grows, we will then branch out to other charities."

For those wishing to purchase Lincolnshire's only distilled gin, they can do by visiting the Bottomley Distillers website: For information on the product, they also have a Facebook page and an Instagram page.

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