Cognac restaurant owners open new La Gondola Italian in Chanterlands Avenue, Hull

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 15 May 2017

The manager of a new Italian restaurant in west Hull says he is hoping for success.

La Gondola has been opened in the former home of Feretti's in Chanterlands Avenue by the owners of nearby restaurant Cognac.

The manager and owner are promising "delicious, rustic Italian" cuisine for customers at the restaurant, which has been open for just a few weeks.

The owners are hoping that the good reputation of the manager, chef and of Cognac will combine to ensure their new venture is a success.

Manager Tomasz Pieszczynski, who was previously at successful city centre restaurant Al Porto, said the first few weeks have been going well.

"It's been good so far," he said. "We've been open about four weeks and it's been steady, and we're looking forward to seeing how it goes.

"We have had really good reviews. It's nice to know people think you are doing a good job and hopefully that will spread for other people to come.

"It's traditional Italian, so lots of pizza and pasta, as well steak, chicken, fish, all sorts of stuff really.

"We think we've got a really good relationship between a decent price and the quality of food we put out."

Mr Pieszczynski says the restaurant's chef also comes with a good reputation, having previously worked at Pasco's in Cottingham, and was one of the reasons he became involved.

"It's good value and tasty too. Our chef used to be head chef at Pasco's in Cottingham," he said. "One of the reasons I got involved was because I knew he was a really good chef and I knew Cognac was good.

"We're using really quality meat and produce. People will see when they come here and try it.

"One reason I took the job was that I was just confident with the chef, the owner. I've come from Al Porto, which was a great place, but I knew people involved here had good reputations.

"It's got a very traditional, rustic Italian feel about. The décor reflects the food. There's lots of Italian pictures on the walls, it looks really nice."

The restaurant will is open from 5pm on weekdays except Tuesday when it is closed.

The owners also revealed they are planning to open a Cognac restaurant in Beverley.

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