Customers lapping up chance to get milk fresh from East Yorkshire farm's vending machine

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 16 Aug 2017

People are milking the chance to get their daily pint of milk fresh from an East Yorkshire farm.

Cherry Burton farmer’s wife, Becky Waring, has set up a special vending machine to sell fresh milk straight to the public.

Dozens of customers are now visiting daily to fill up milk bottles from Cherry View Milk, at Field House Farm.

They are lapping up the chance to enjoy fresh, creamy milk from Becky’s small herd of prizewinning Holstein and Jersey cows, at £1 per litre.

If the venture is a success Becky is hoping to set up a second vending machine on the edge of Beverley .

She says: “I think people are coming because it’s novel and they have not had milk like it in years.

“It’s only pasteurised and not messed about with like the milk from the supermarkets.”

Becky says Cherry View Milk has not undergone the industrial processes of homogenisation and standardisation which standard milk is treated with.

This means customers will get an old-fashioned layer of cream at the top.

Becky says: “It’s almost pre-milkman days. Some people say they remember going to the farm to get milk years ago, it’s taking them back to a different era, back to the good old days.

Becky Waring at Cherry View Fresh Milk with customer Sue Pape, left (Image: Peter Harbour)

“I think it will get more people drinking milk fresh from the farm.

“The milk has no food miles and is never more than 24 hours old.

“People also enjoy seeing the cows while they are getting the milk.”

Customer Rachel Addison says: “Buying milk from Becky is a win-win situation for me.

“I’m supporting a local business and our dairy farmers, and in doing so I’m giving my family very high quality food from a source I know is fully traceable and sustainable.

“My son is 15 and he’s never tasted milk like it. It’s his first experience of ‘top of the milk’ and he absolutely loves it.

“It’s a fantastic initiative and I’m very lucky to have it right on my doorstep.”

Becky Waring on the farm with one of the herd (Image: Nick Hedges, Beverley Photography)

Becky, a former Bishop Burton College lecturer, says there are just a few dozen milk vending machines across the country.

She is budgeting for sales of 50 litres of milk a day.

This is a drop in the ocean compared to the thousands of litres produced by her husband’s dairy farm for a supermarket supplier but Becky says: “At the moment it’s going great guns, it started at the weekend and I sold 85 litres on Sunday.

“I wanted to do it to bolster the farm income. Milk prices have been a disaster.

“I am coming back to work on the farm and I didn’t want the farm to have to pay my income from the current income.

“It’s a very unknown quantity but it’s exceeding expectations so far.”

The vending machine is open at Field House Farm, Etton Road, Cherry Burton, from 7am-7pm daily. Visit for more information.

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