Decision to be made on controversial 400-home Tollbar development

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 28 Mar 2017

Plans for a controversial new development of up to 400 houses in New Waltham could be granted approval this week by the council.

A decision on the development, which would be based at the junction of Louth Road and Station Road, opposite Tollbar Academy, had been postponed by the Council at a Planning Committee meeting in November 2015, after the committee felt that further consultation with Tollbar Academy and local residents was required.

The North East Lincolnshire Council Planning Committee will make its decision at its meeting tomorrow at 9.30am in Grimsby's Town Hall.

The application from Monmouth Properties, also includes a corner shop, provision for open public space, a parking allocation for the academy, along with improvements to the local infrastructure, and could cost up to £45 million to develop, bringing hundreds of construction jobs to the area.

Previously there had been concerns over what sort of effect the proposed development would have on traffic approaching the Tollbar Roundabout, which can become heavily congested at peak times of the day, however the council recently give the go ahead for improvements to be made to the junction, removing the roundabout, installing traffic lights and allowing for increased traffic flow.

North East Lincolnshire Council Highways Department has stated that it is "content" with the developer's plans, believing that it will not have an adverse effect on the traffic in the area, especially considering the impending improvements to the Tollbar junction.

Despite this, local residents and the parish council are still raising objections to the development, with some feeling that it will only create "utter chaos" on the road, as 400 new homes could mean that there could be 800 new cars on the road.

The main concerns of the residents are the effect on the local traffic and the over development of the local area, as there have been a number of developments proposed close by, incorporating more than100 houses in each, such as the 199 Cyden Homes development off Brigsley Road and the 400 home Keystone development off Humberston Avenue.

They are also concerned over the lack of available school places in the area, stating that the local schools are already at or exceeding their capacity, and unless a new school is built, a new development will only add to this issue.

Waltham Parish Council has objected to the development stating that North East Lincolnshire Council had indicated in its draft local plan that a viability study on a Grimsby Western Relief Road which would link the A180 to the A46 then to the A16 South of Tollbar would be carried out, and the parish council feels that the land off Louth Road could be used to form part of this development.

It feels that to approve this development without the viability study having been carried out could be detrimental to it ever being done.

The Tollbar Family of Academies have welcomed the commitment of the developers to provide a drop-off point with space for 33 cars for parents using Tollbar Academy, as parental parking had been a major concern for the trust for a number of years, and the lay-bys that are currently used by parents to drop-off children are to be removed as junction improvements are made to the roundabout.

The developer, Monmouth Properties has also stated that at least 80 of the properties proposed will be allocated for affordable housing, and has reached an agreement with Tollbar Academy that construction access to the site will only occur via Louth Road, in order to ease traffic pressures on those going to and from the school.

At tomorrow's meeting, the committee will also decide on plans for a new public house, drive-thru Costa Coffee shop and MOT centre on an underused part of Pyewipe Road.

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