Derelict building at historic Tranby Croft in Anlaby being transformed into music cafe

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 20 Mar 2017

A derelict building at the historic Tranby Croft estate near Anlaby is being transformed into a music café.

Former music teacher Howard Jennings has spent months renovating an outside building at the Victorian country house. He plans to open it at the end of next month with rooms for live piano, guitar and drums.

The barn had been left derelict for numerous years before the former guitar teacher at Hymers College made it his challenge to turn it into a musician's paradise.

The old barn will now be a venue for live concerts as well as café for afternoon teas, which hopes will entice numerous walkers and people visiting the historic house.

Mr Jennings said the building had been neglected but now hopes to bring back its character as a venue for live music.

"Everything is going smoothly. It'll just be a really nice relaxing café where people can have an afternoon tea and listen to some piano," he said.

"We'll have rooms specialising in classic drums, classic piano and classic drums.

"I can't do anything with the outside of the building because it's protected but it has a real character. I've just been spending weeks renovating the inside of it.

"I can believe this has been neglected all this time. You could put in a museum in the barn, and I'm aware of other who have thought about using the other buildings."

The cafe will have a guitar room, piano room and drum room.

Mr Jennings said he hopes to be able to open the music café in mid-April and is close to completion after numerous months of renovation.

He said: "The decorating's almost finished. We're thinking it will be ready around mid-April. There's still work to do, but you can see the bones of it.

"It's the Jordan family who own it, and I'm just leasing it out. It's an amazing area and I want to try and do something special here.

"I live in walking distance so it's somewhere I've really come to love. I just felt like, why don't I move in? It's just such a beautiful building."

Mr Jennings said he hopes people will be attracted by the history and character attached to the property.

"The history of this place is incredible but it's been neglected. You can really feel the history," he said.

"I had been based in Hessle as a music teacher. I taught classical guitar at Hymers and at Pocklington. I actually got offered the chance to work here, at the Tranby Croft school.

"Everything is so impressive. We had these locks that we took to a locksmith and they were shocked. They were 170 years old and the locksmith said they are probably worth about £1000 each.

"There a Victorian ramp used for getting ladies off their horses. I need to try and get it repaired just it's one these old bits that adds character."

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