East Hull ice cream seller Jean Lowery is calling it a day after 25 years

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 19 Mar 2017

A much-loved ice cream seller is hanging up her scoop and selling her beloved van.

Jean Lowery, 69, has been selling ice cream round east Hull for 25 years, and has taken the decision to retire after many "wonderful" years.

"The first time I did it I got such a buzz", said Jean, of Dorchester Road, east Hull. "Seeing all the little faces running to your van and giving them a treat was wonderful. I knew I couldn't wait to do it again."

Jean's van has now been sold for £1,500. She told the Mail she got into selling ice cream after her husband got a bad case of the flu and was unable to work.

"David got a bad bout of flu and we had no money coming in so he told me I had to go out and drive the van," she said.

"I was a really shy person and was nervous doing it at first but when I got back home I couldn't wait to go out and do it again. I just never stopped."

The family originally sold ice cream's under the name Mr Teddy's in 1972, and when Jean gave birth to her daughter in Cottingham Road Maternity Hospital the trio were called Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear.

They then went on to sell fish and chips in the centre of Bransholme but after their trailer was stolen, they decided to go back into the ice cream business and for the past 25 years, Jean has sold the sweet stuff while David concentrated on his wedding car business.

"It's lovely because the kids I used to serve now have their own kids and they all come to see me," she said. "My usual round was Dorchester Road, Midmere Avenue and Sutton Park, and you got to know a lot of names and faces.

"The kids would tell you their problems and you felt you could help them. They always knew I was coming and would just shout, 'Jean's here!'.

"It was just such a nice atmosphere."

Due to her arthritis, Joan thought about retiring last year but wanted to go out with the van once last time. Since the winter break, she has taken the decision to put her feet up and sell her beloved van off.

"I'll miss all the kids and the families that I used to serve," she said. "It was a wonderful job. I just want to say thank you and that I love them all."

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