Engineering growth by investing in machinery

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 28 Jul 2017

FOUNDING a business in one of the harshest recessions in living memory is not for the faint-hearted.
For one Hull-based engineering firm, however, it has proved to be a sound move.

Rubitec Engineering was established in 2008 in Hawthorne Avenue, west Hull.

Ongoing expansion prompted a relocation two years ago, to West Dock Street, where the company currently occupies two units.

Now, the company is again going for growth after making further investment in machinery, enabling it to take on bigger projects in line with customer demand.

Managing director Andy Shores said: “Since Christmas we have seen a massive upturn in our industry and this has resulted in more interest in what we do.

“It is not quite like the industry upturn we saw in 2013 and 2014, but it has kept us very busy over the past few months.

“We have just spent another £100,000 on a couple of new machines – our third investment in new machinery since we moved here in 2015.

“This year, we anticipate a 15 per cent growth in sales and I anticipate that growth will continue.”

STAFF DEVELOPMENT: Apprentice miller Jack Mortley at Rubitec Engineering.

Recent investments include a larger lathe and a multi-spindle lathe, both of which Mr Shores say will provide Rubitec and its clients with a wider variety of  options in terms of the work they take on.

The firm currently offers a range of services, from CNC (computer numerical control) turning and milling to 3D modelling and on-site maintenance.

With a skills shortage making it to the top of the agenda for businesses across the region, Mr Shores said retaining his team of expert engineers had been a priority.

He said: “I do feel our area struggles with skills, so we look to train and develop our core staff, keeping them happy so that they want to stay.”

Although Rubitec no longer offers fabrication services, it has successfully retained a number of customers who have remained with the company since day one.

“We have still kept some of the core customers with whom we have worked since 2008, but now we are getting interest from other firms,” said Mr Shores.

“I honestly belive this is down to customer service and giving our customers what they want. 

“Our industry is very competitive but we will jump through hoops for our customers, thinking outside the box to deliver lean, cost- effective  solutions.”

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