Fears over proposed housing development near Beverley Westwood

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 14 Mar 2017

Fears over proposed housing development near Beverley Westwood

Plans to build up to 90 homes on land near Beverley's iconic Westwood have been met with opposition from petitioning locals.

Construction company Barton Willmore submitted an application to develop properties in Poplars Way in the town last month.

But would-be neighbours are concerned about the prospect of more family homes in the area, citing fears about the impact on traffic and the environment.

Local resident Carrie Smith, one of a number of people opposed, said: "It's a very small road and I don't think the street is designed to cope with the amount of traffic it would have to endure.

"We think 90 new homes is going to increase the traffic dramatically.

PROPOSALS: Barton Willmore have submitted this sketch, detailing how the area would look.

"The company that owns the land have been knocking on doors in the area and doing a survey over the last six months or so, so we had an inkling this was going to happen.

"In addition, the access road passes next to a children's play park. Children and toddlers enjoy playing in the park and parents know that they can walk to it safely because Poplars Way is a quiet and safe road. However, parents are concerned that accessing the park will be rendered unsafe due to the increased traffic flow if the proposed site is developed.

"Given what they'd be building, there's all the aspects of wildlife that are based down there and it would just be a real shame to lose it all."

Barton Willmore did not respond to the Mail's request for comment but in their planning statement issued to East Riding Council, the company writes: "In total up to 90 residential units are proposed as part of this outline application. The exact number and mix of housing will be agreed at the reserved matters stage.

"This will include both smaller properties and larger family homes improving the opportunity for all local people to access housing that they can afford and that meets their needs. The majority of dwellings are likely to be two storeys in height with some 2.5 storey units in key locations.

"The proposed development will provide new recreational opportunities for residents, including areas of formal and informal open space."

Mrs Smith said that if the land did have to be used for development, then residential units for the elderly may be more appropriate than family homes.

She said: "The ideal situation would be that they don't build on it at all or that we can influence the decision so that it is protected for another 15 or 20 years.

"But failing that we'd at least like to influence the type of housing that's built on it.

"There is a real need for housing for the elderly at the moment in Beverley and it would mean fewer people than if they were family homes."

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