Former Apprentice star Michelle Dewberry to stand for election as Hull West and Hessle MP

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 5 May 2017

Outspoken Hull businesswoman and Sky pundit Michelle Dewberry has announced she will stand as a candidate to become the Hull West and Hessle MP.

The former winner of BBC 2's The Apprentice is standing as an independent and says she was compelled to throw her hat into the ring because so many people were unrepresented.

She will join Labour candidate Emma Hardy, Lib Dem hopeful Claire Thomas, UKIP's Gary Shores and Mike Lammiman of the Green Party who have all announced they will be standing. The Conservatives have yet to announce their candidate.

Miss Dewberry said: "I just think that up and down the country too many people are politically unrepresented."In the media I talk about politics all the time. I think of family friends and wonder who they vote for.

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"We are born and bred Labour round here but they have been letting us down. It is a London Labour Party now and it has a leader who is unelectable."There is a lot of tribal loyalty but, the reality is, this isn't the same party anymore."

Miss Dewberry has always made it clear she is pro-Brexit but she does not align herself with any other party.

She said: "The Labour candidate is a remainer but this is a Brexit area.

"People are thinking they should vote Tory over Brexit but they baulk at the idea of many of the Conservative policies.

"But I am a Brexiteer and they wouldn't have to vote Tory. As it stands there are few credible choices."

Rather than any party, Miss Dewberry insists her only allegiance is to her constituency.

She said: "I regard Hull as my home. I have huge respect for Alan Johnson and he served our constituency well but politics needs shaking up now.

"I feel very passionate about my home city and I want to make sure people round here are looked after.

"We need to attract new industry and new jobs in technology and more investment."

Many have already told Miss Dewberry it is pointless standing for Hull West and Hessle as it is a guaranteed Labour seat.

But she is not having any of it.

She said: "So many people have told me this is a safe Labour seat and I'm wasting my time but I want to challenge and change that."We need fresh blood from someone who cares. I feel I can do a fantastic job for those who feel unrepresented."

Miss Dewberry accepts she has a degree of celebrity about her. But she says this is no ego trip but a decision based on her strongly-held principles.

She said: "I am not a career politician, spurred on by political ambition. I am a businesswoman who has a passion for Hull."People in Hull are falling through the gap and I want the best for my family and friends who live round here.

"This is not about celebrity. I am deadly serious about this and I am making significant changes to my personal and working life to do this. I have halted my work for the next five weeks while I go on the campaign trail.

"This has been a well-considered step and a major change. But I will absolutely use my profile for the greater good of Hull."

Being an independent means she can concentrate on what is right for her constituents, Miss Dewberry argues.

She said: "As an independent I will not be told what to do or whipped into shape. I will simply be working for the best interests of my constituents.

"This is a steep learning curve for me but I will have the energy and an alternative voice. I will be coming from a Tory perspective on Brexit but I won't be supporting many of the party's other policies."

With no party funds to fall back on, Miss Dewberry is hoping to get local support to help fund her campaign for the June 8 election.

She said: "I will be crowdfunding for support and I'm looking for people to come on the campaign trail with me."

Anyone wishing to contribute or help with Miss Dewberry's campaign can visit her website for details.

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