Furious residents blast 'destructive' plans for new medical centre and 199 homes on Hull field

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 8 Aug 2017

Angry residents say plans to build a new medical centre and nearly 200 homes on open green space in west Hull will cause traffic chaos and increase the risk of flooding.

Almost 800 people living near Calvert Lane have signed a petition to try and block a proposal by Citycare to construct a multi-million pound health centre and 199 homes.

The estates developer thinks the new medical centre is essential to provide better service for patients and it has already submitted the plans to Hull City Council.

However, homeowners believe it would create a host of problems - the biggest of would be an increase in traffic down an already congested road.

Phil Irvin, 48, set up a petition against the planned development.

"Calvert Lane is used as a cut through from Spring Bank to Anlaby Road and on to the M62 and beyond," he said.

"It is already gridlocked in large parts of the road so the thought of more houses and more people coming to the health centre seems crazy to us.

"We can't understand how we are going to be able to live here and a lot of people are very stressed about it. Some people have already sold their houses and moved away.

"We understand the government policy for more houses but you need to have the right infrastructure in place to support it."

As well as concerns about more traffic in the area, residents also fear the new build will disturb local wildlife, cause overcrowding, and increase the risk of flooding.

The land hasn't been used as playing fields for a number of years

Ten years ago, people in Arcon Drive had to be rescued from their homes following devastating floods and there are concerns the new development will prevent the fields from being used as a flood plain.

Councillor Haroldo Herrera-Richmond, who represents the Boothferry Ward, also objects to the plans.

He said: "This field acted as a flood plain and my concerns are that if we get torrential rain when this development is finished, the water may well find its way onto Arcon Drive.

"It may be unlikely and we can all hope and pray that it doesn't happen but it doesn't take a lot and we've seen in the past the devastation that it can cause."

Cllr Herrera-Richmond wants Citycare to hold more consultations with the public and said, while backing a new medical centre, he can't support the development because of the new homes planned for the site.

These images show what the health centre could look like

"We could definitely do with a medical center which will reduce the pressure on A&E and the hospital but this has to be looked at as two separate applications because this could be destructive to the area."

The initial idea was to build the medical practice in Wymersley Park, next to Springhead Golf Course, but these were shelved after Hull City Council refused to sell the land.

Now, Citycare want the new health centre to accommodate Springhead Medical Centre and its 16,000 patients on the green space.

This is where Citycare are proposing to build the health centre

A spokesperson for the developer said: "We have taken time to engage with the community on several occasions, revising the plans at each stage, and a joint outline planning application has now been developed and submitted by Trinity House Charity and Citycare.

"We acknowledge the concerns regarding traffic and continue to work with the local authority to determine the most appropriate traffic mitigation measures to the local highway.

"We are also very mindful of the ecological value of the site and a green space allocation has been designed into the plan in accordance with local planning policy.

"Should the outline planning application be granted, the community will have another opportunity to view and comment on the proposals."

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