How Hull's broadband ranks against the rest of the UK revealed

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 13 Mar 2017

Hull has the worst availability of superfast broadband in the country, new government data has revealed.

Data analysis by the House of Commons Library of Ofcom's Connected Nations information has labelled constituencies in Hull as having the lowest availability of superfast broadband.

The data ranks all 650 constituencies in the UK for the percentage of homes that have access to superfast broadband.

All but eight constituencies had more than 50 per cent availability, but three of these were in Hull.

The worst of all 650 areas is Hull East with superfast available in only 27 percent of homes.

The second lowest is Hull West and Hessle, which has superfast broadband availability of 36 per cent.

Hull North also appears in the list of having the lowest availability of superfast broadband, with 47 per cent of homes able to purchase the service, making it the seventh worst area.

KCOM says that Hull features low on these league tables because they have "leapfrogged" the superfast technology, and are "top of the league tables" when it comes to ultrafast availability.

A total of 178 constituencies in the UK have superfast availability of over 95 per cent. While Hull East is bottom of table with 27 per cent availability, Bournemouth East tops the list with superfast broadband available in 99.3 percent of homes.

KCOM says is superfast service Lightstream will be available to more than 150,000 properties by the end of 2017.

The company said last month that it was rolling out the service to an extra 35,000 properties, including areas in Kirk Ella, Anlaby, Cottingham, Hessle and Beverley.

Cathy Phillips, KCOM's chief marketing officer, said: "We've chosen to leapfrog the superfast technology being used elsewhere in the UK and invest instead in providing ultrafast fibre broadband across our network.

"Our Lightstream service takes longer to roll out but the benefits of the superior technology we're using are huge. Well over half of the households in our region can already receive speeds of 250Mbps (megabits per second) and businesses can receive 1Gbps (gigabit per second), far outstripping the speeds available elsewhere in the UK. By the end of this year our Lightstream service will cover 75 per cent of our network.

"Hull is the only city in the UK where true fibre broadband is being rolled out as standard, putting us at the top of the league when it comes to ultrafast availability. We know how important fast and reliable broadband is to our customers and we're investing to meet their needs not just today but well into the future."

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