How the Blade made its final journey out of Queen Victoria Square in Hull

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 20 Mar 2017

It became a symbol of Hull during City of Culture.

The Blade, the huge 75m wind turbine structure, spent an eventful two weeks in Hull city centre. It quickly became a giant symbol of the Hull 2017 celebrations- with thousands of people coming to see the structure and take a picture with it over the course of its time in Queen Victoria Square.

As with all good things, though, it must come to an end, and Sunday saw the work of dozens of people in a gargantuan effort to move the Blade back to its home in the Siemens factory in Alexandra Dock.

The route home

Two huge, special platform lorries arrived in Queen Victoria Square last night to take the Blade back to the Siemens factory.

After being loaded onto the lorries, the Blade travelled down Savile Street, before making its way onto Lowgate and the King Billy statue.

Rolling road closures meant it did not have to worry about oncoming traffic as it crossed the Myton Bridge- made its way along Garrison Road before reaching the turn off to Alexandra Dock.

Although it made the journey fairly smoothly, the only thorny issue came when it became stuck on a tree towards the end of the night- but this was soon overcome.

How did the Blade come down?

A specialist team sent over from Siemens started dismantling the Blade on Sunday afternoon.

They positioned a huge crane into the city centre to lift the blade up, after dozens of workers had used saws and huge tools to unscrew the huge bolts which kept it in place.

Watched on by dozens of people waving goodbye to the structure for the final time, they then used the crane to lift it onto the platform lorries to help carry the Blade back.

Due to its size, the blade could only be positioned onto the platform lorry section by section- meaning a long wait for those hoping to wave goodbye as it left the city centre!

The journey back

Just before 11pm on Sunday night, and hours after workers first arrived in Queen Victoria Square, the Blade began its final journey back home.

With special care being taken as it went through the tight city centre roads, dozens of the specialist team walked the Blade back to Alexandra Dock- meaning they had a section of some of Hull's busiest roads completely to themselves.

Navigating its way down Hedon Road and into the dock, the platform lorries brought the Blade back- completing the two mile journey about 2.30am on Monday morning.

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