Hull company launch innovative way to keep hazardous waste safe

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 16 Jun 2017

AN EAST Yorkshire firm has come up with an innovative solution to the dangerous stockpiling of contaminated waste.

Wastege Waste Management Ltd in Wincolmlee handles and recycles hazardous waste from all corners of the UK, and for some of the biggest names in the industry.

Each year, it manages hundreds of tonnes of waste for clients including Crown Paints, Dutch paints and chemicals business AkzoNobel, laboratory testing company Intertek and aerosol company LMA Services.

Last year, the company doubled its turnover, with further growth of more than 20 per cent anticipated before the end of 2017.

Now, in a battle against the issue of potentially problematic piles of dangerous waste, the company has launched its all-weather, explosion-proof galvanised “waste safes”.

Managing director Mark Taylor said: “Many of our contracts are with big companies who need us on site every day to remove their waste, but there are many businesses which require a less frequent collection and disposal service and don’t have a suitable storage area or system at their premises.

“It doesn’t make sense commercially for them to have a specialist contractor come and remove a small amount of hazardous waste each time they have it, and equally, they don’t want to put their own staff at risk in disposing of it.

“This means many businesses are stockpiling contaminated waste, chemicals, paints, rags, aerosols and liquids in the corner of their yards or in cupboards, as they have no means of day-to-day disposal or dedicated, safe storage.

“That is simply not a safe way to operate, could potentially expose staff and visitors to harm, and is not good for the environment, and could lead to prosecutions.”

 One of the new ‘waste safes’

The waste safes are 800-litre containers which can remain at a company site until full.

They are also UN-approved to carry dangerous goods.

“It’s a simple solution, but one which ensures businesses are always compliant with very strict regulations around waste,” said Mr Taylor.

“The fines for mismanagement of waste are huge – potentially capable of bringing down a business.

“Waste management is a top priority for many large-scale businesses, but sadly for some medium-sized and growing businesses, nobody at the company has overall responsibility, and is actually a constant headache that is largely ignored.”

Established in 2013, Wastege Waste Management Ltd has a “zero to landfill” policy, focusing on reusing, recycling or recovering value from the waste it handles.

Liquid waste, for example, is treated and made ready for recycling or disposal purposes at the firm’s transfer facility. Mr Taylor said:

“Our commitment to recycling is something which sits very well with the companies we serve and has been a driver behind our growth.

“We see it as our duty to influence and lead industries to a more economic and environmentally sound waste management solution.”

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