Hull firm creates magical lodges for Alton Towers' Enchanted Village

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 2 Aug 2017

With their hobbit-style dooways, pointed roofs and crooked chimney pots, they look like something out of a fairytale.

So it might come as a surprise to discover these magical lodges were actually created here in Hull.

Willerby Innovations has created 120 bespoke 'Woodland Lodges' for the Enchanted Village at Alton Towers Resort.

Merlin Entertainment commissioned Willerby Bespoke, a division of Willerby Innovations, to design and build the unusual structures, which are now receiving rave reviews from visitors.

MAGICAL: Willerby Bespoke, part of Hull firm Willerby Innovations, has created 120 lodges for Alton Towers' Enchanted Village

Phil Parks, of the company, said: “Our work at the Enchanted Village has enabled us to elevate the Willerby Bespoke brand to the next level.

“It was a fantastic project to be involved with and helped us affirm our reputation in developing uniquely themed solutions.”

Each lodge features two bedrooms and a bathroom, incorporated specialist joinery, bespoke themed flooring, flat screen TVs and bunk beds for children.

ENCHANTING: Willerby Bespoke created 120 Woodland Lodges for Alton Towers' Enchanted Village

They were all factory rendered in Hull before being delivered to Alton Towers Resort where they were joined in pairs and the roof modules stitched together.

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The crooked cedar shingle roofs – a key part of the design – were also manufactured and tiled in Willerby’s factory in Hedon Road before being delivered to site.

The roofs required five pitch changes and joists as well as the incorporation of pantiles and a crooked chimney.

MAGICAL STAY: Inside one of the Woodland Lodges at Alton Towers Resort, which were manufactured by Willerby Bespoke in Hull

Mr Parks said the offsite modular construction allowed Willerby to create features like the small porthole windows, inset doors, and crooked chimneys to "a standard of manufacturing excellence normally associated with the most sophisticated engineering plants".

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He said: “Our designs made the best use of modular building techniques whilst enabling us to improve our proficiency and existing skill set of our team, which we can transfer across a variety of projects.

“The project has proven our ability to provide exceptional accommodation solutions across a wide range of sectors.”

ENCHANTING: Willerby Bespoke created 120 Woodland Lodges for Alton Towers' Enchanted Village

Janet Gurr, hotel operations director at Alton Towers Resort, said: “We wanted guests visiting our Enchanted Village to feel like they’d stepped into a fantastical forest so it was vital that the new lodges looked the part to create the full experience.

“Willerby worked closely with our architectural team to realise all the unique details, including the crooked roofs and chimneys, which make the woodland lodges so different.

“We were impressed by the speed of installation on site as well as the quality of the finish and have had some great feedback from our guests.”

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