Hull furniture company Robert Dylan Pine under fire over 'foul language' as disgruntled customers hit out

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 25 Aug 2017

A Hull-based furniture company that has faced criticism for huge delays to orders has come under further fire over alleged language used on social media accounts.

A Facebook account purporting to be Ian McCormack, the owner of Robert Dylan Pine furniture, responded to comments about the business on the Facebook page The Robert Dylan Pine Experience, where disgruntled customers have put forward their complaints.

In response to one of the negative comments, he called one of the aggrieved customers a "c***" and told people to "remove their pathetic b******t posts or risk losing every single penny".

The business has faced criticism after numerous accusations of failed delivery of furniture stretching back to last Christmas, when the owners said they were a "victim of their own success" and promised they were on top of the workload and would refund customers.

Robert Dylan Pine

But dozens of complaints have continued in the months since, and the owners have now said that they will be looking to close the business down.

The recent uproar centred over a post to a customer issued by an account purporting to be Ian McCormack, which said: "You make yourself look more like a c*** every single day [customer's name] you silly old c***, we wouldn’t be daft enough to go back on Facebook when we close.

“This right here is a message to everyone on this page. Remove your pathetic b******t posts or risk losing every single penny and you can sit back knowing it was [customer's name] fault.”

Responding to a request for a comment following the post, co-owners Ian McCormack and Steven Watson, said they had also been threatened online.

A screenshot of the post

“No thank you the business is in the process of being closed down.

"If you actually do some research you will find threats on the page with abuse aimed at us and our families and threats of violence also made.

“We have no desire to speak with any reporters at this moment as you have not once taken into consideration the disastrous effects that page has had on us and our private lives. Thank you. Ian and Steven."

They also said: “My youngest brother was targeted and threatened to be hospitalised which the police know of and I myself was threatened with having my home burned down so please don't try to tell my foul language aimed at people in frustration is a huge issue.

“Had we committed any crimes we would be in front of a judge. We will be finishing our invoice book making refunds and closing up shop. You have no intention of seeing our side as proven by previous articles.”

Arlene Furlong, a frustrated Robert Dylan Pine customer

One of the company's customers, mother Arlene Furlong, says she cancelled her furniture after waiting more than six months without receiving anything.

She said she was further angered when the company messaged her saying, "nobody chatting crap on Facebook will receive anything".

She said: “I ordered all my furniture in January and they delaying when they were going to send it to us. I kept trying to get it sorted but gave up in the end.

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“I ended up getting new furniture from someone else because we were waiting so long, and they gave me the deposit back.

“At point it was all going to arrive in April, then May, then June, then July. It was just silly. And the way they were dealing with complaints of Facebook was them telling people they didn’t care at all.

“They told me, “we don’t care” and that anyone who moaned went to the back of the queue. What sort of way to run a business is that?”

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