CR Parrott: Incentives ensure we’re building for growth

By Scunthorpe Telegraph | Posted: 27 Jun 2017

BUILDING on investment; that’s the aim of CR Parrott in the coming months as the shackles of the pre-election period are removed and business and the public sector pursues growth once again.

The team, led by Chris Parrott, is capitalising on incentives from Westminster and interest in the Energy Estuary on the home turf, while running several remote projects from the Scunthorpe office.

From the Queensway Industrial Estate base the structural engineers, project managers and architectural service providers are embracing the latest round of Growing the Humber funding, with a sliding scale of 10 per cent to 30 per cent assistance available, depending in size of business, job creation and the investment location’s status.

Mr Parrott said: “We have a few jobs completing at present and we are working in lots of different areas in all sectors. It is challenging, however, there are lots of incentive opportunities. 

“We are involved already on three jobs, made possible because of this business investment, and they are varying in price range from £150,000 construction costs to £1.2 million.

“When you look at the figures for the assistance they are really good. We are helping small, medium and large companies, assisting in applications, things are happening.”

FRAME: The Agrimin site at Humberside Airport Business Park

Not only does CR Parrott help clients assist those paying for the physical infrastructure, but it also has close ties with clients who have land banks primed for investment and occupancy too.

A sample of work ongoing includes the design and project management of the expansion of livestock feed manufacturer Agrimin’s facilities on Humberside Airport Business Park and a 60-bed care home in the West Midlands, the latter is valued at £3.5 million.

It is working across the public sector in health and education, as well as the growing private interest in schools.

“We are doing a lot of collaborative work,” Mr Parrott reflected. “We are trying to introduce clients to where they can get access to funding. We are also working with local authorities as they look to develop some of their sites.”

Changing in business rate allocation has seen that become paramount to councils, while within the office the team has been retained its position on the framework consultancy for North Lincolnshire Council, a position which enabled it to work on the likes of The Baths Hall and several educational facilities across the borough.

It is also part of the Humber Skills Pledge and is ensuring the team have up-to-date computer aided design training on the latest software. “That itself gives us an opportunity to diversify our services,” he added.

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