Meet the 12-year-old entrepreneur whose 'crafty' handiwork is selling in America

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 10 Aug 2017

Most secondary school kids might spend their summer holidays in the park or on their Playstations.

But one multi-talented 12-year-old has set up her own business, which has taken off so successfully she's attracted customers from America and Africa.

Ellie Chafer makes wax melts for oil burners and soaps, selling them online with help from her Facebook page, Belle's Bubbles.

Creating the melts started as a hobby for Ellie several months ago, but after family friends noticed them in her home and commented on how good they were, she started selling them.

Ellie with her mum Kerry, who helped harness her talents by buying her stock when she found her attempting to grate wax crayons by herself. (Image: Sean Stewart)

Demand for the melts has now reached such a levels she's now bought her own stall and has been invited to summer fetes and galas, where she can reach new customers.

Ellie, who is going into Year 8 at Howden Senior School in September, said: "When I was younger I used to make slime and sell it to my friends at school.

"Then I started seeing things on my Instagram about wax melts and so I started trying to do some myself.

"My mum found what I was doing, and she bought me some moulds and a bag of wax and showed me how to do it properly, and it's just progressed from there really.

Ellie's businesses grew out of a simple curiosity for trying to make wax melts. (Image: Sean Stewart)

"When I showed my friends a lot of them didn't really believe that I'd made them myself, but when they realised I had they were very impressed.

"Doing this and knowing people are enjoying what I make makes me feel really happy and joyful."

When she's not at school, Ellie can make up to 100 melts a day, a figure that if recent levels of demand are anything to go by, she may have to maintain for a while.

And far from taking all the income for herself, she donates a significant portion of the cash she generates to charities including SANDS, a bereavement organisation for families who've been affected by stillbirths and Ali's Angels, which fundraises for cancer causes.

Ellie's proud mum Kerry Mortimer said: "Ellie's always been really crafty in more ways than one.

"Whenever we've had family parties or anything like that, she's always made things to sell them.

"We've now got a major wax issue here where we've even had to send some to my parents' house because there's just not enough room for everything here.

"But I'm very proud of her, she's done so well for herself."

So does a future in business lie in wait for Ellie when she's finished school?

"It is something I'd like to do - something that I think about every day," she said.

"I'd like to carry on with this and taking orders for it for as long as I can."

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