Michelle Dewberry hands nomination papers in for Hull West and Hessle MP

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 12 May 2017

It's official - Michelle Dewberry is standing for election as the next MP for Hull West and Hessle.

The former winner of TV's The Apprentice handed in her official nomination papers this afternoon at the Guildhall. She is standing an Independent in the seat currently held by Labour.

She has also set up her campaign HQ in the historic plotting parlour in Ye Olde White Harte - the same room where Hull's leaders decided to refuse King Charles I entry to the town in 1642.

She said: "It's been a bit of roller coaster since I decided I was standing and a massive learning curve but now my nomination is in I'm up for the fight.

"I've had such a positive response from people so far which has been brilliant."

Ms Dewberry said she was determined to break the political mould.

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"I'm in it to win. I'm not affiliated any political party, I just want to represent the people of Hull West and Hessle, not Labour, the Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives.

"I'm trying to bring something different to the table. I am about positions, not politics. If a party has a policy I agree with, like the Conservatives on Brexit, I will support it.

"Equally, if there's a policy I don't agree with, such as cuts to disability benefits, I will oppose it.

"Generally, I think most people want the same things - well-funded public services, a good health service, a roof over their heads, good career opportunities and a safe environment.

"But I also think people are fed up with politicians toeing the party line. I'm about changing that and doing things differently as an Independent. I also happen to think Labour has been in charge of Hull for too long. It's a Labour council and there have always been three Labour MPs.

"I want to bring some independent scrutiny to see if they are doing a good job or not because that doesn't happen at the moment.

"I think this city needs some new blood."

She said her decision to base her campaign HQ in the famous Old Town pub was a deliberate one.

"I'm trying to create a new chapter in the plotting parlour's history," she said.

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