New Grimsby business could save customers hundreds on their energy bills

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 8 Feb 2017

A Grimsby man has set up a new business with just one aim - to save you money!

Michael Knight left his former employment in November to embark on his uncharted journey into retail after gaining inspiration from courses he had undertaken in his previous job role.

It has taken a couple of months for Michael to have his shop ready to go, but two weeks ago he opened to the public with plans to continually improve his stock and services adjusting to his customer's needs.

"I went on some exercises with my old employer that allowed me to have an insight into LED lighting and how cost effective and environmentally friendly they are. As part of this course, I saved one business around £20,000 a year in electrical bills just by changing their lighting tubes to LED. I thought how I had to let the public know about this saving and the way to do this was to open this shop," Michael explained.

The shop houses a range of LED bulbs, garden lights, lights for boats, bikes, lamps and Michael plans to stock CCTV cameras in the near future.

"You walk into some shops and they're just full. I wanted a more boutique kind of shop that looks neat and tidy but I'm still conscious that customers have enough stock to browse when they walk in," Michael added.

He also offers a free of charge home survey service where home owners and businesses can note down which lights they would like replacing with LED bulbs. Michael is so confident that people will save money on their electricity bills and on the quality of the products that he offers a five year guarantee for customers who have their bulbs changed under his installation service.

Michael's main brand is Lumilife however he also stocks Cromptons products to suit a "niche" market and cater for all customers.

He has hopes the business will expand and become a family-run business. "My grandson is 11 years old and in a few years time he's going to be thinking about a career. It would be great if he came and worked in this business and made it the family-run business I want it to be.

"I want the shop to be a place where people walk in and find that it's a friendly atmosphere where people can ask questions and ultimately use our services to save significantly on their energy bills. That's the main thing I want. You can't go wrong when you buy LED lighting and I am so confident about that.

"This shop is just part of the regeneration of Freeman Street. The Candy Box opened up in the same week as I did and we are hoping that customers will have a variety of shops selling different things where they can browse from one shop to another.

"With the products I sell, I really feel like supermarkets are letting people down. My prices are very competitive and the supermarkets are my main competitor," Michael explained.

For more information on the services and products at Go Inviro, also known as The Bulb Shop, call 01472 453365. The shop is open Monday to Saturday from 9am however these times are subject to change.

Go Inviro is located at 246 Freeman Street.

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