Paramedic and farmer join forces to open Countryman's Deli in Cottingham

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 20 Apr 2017

A farmer and a paramedic have joined forces to open up a new deli.

Countrymans Deli, opened on Finkle Street in Cottingham last month, and the owners are hoping that their love of local produce will bring them success.

Friends Callum Langton and Matthew Oliver decided to start the deli after working on farms in East Yorkshire together when they were younger and gaining a love for local produce.

Mr Oliver will run the deli with his co-owner, alongside working four days a week as a paramedic across East Yorkshire.

Mr Langton said the deli has been busy so far and is proud to sell homemade and local products.

"It's something we are both really passionate about and really wanted to do it as bit of a project," he said. "It's just about selling good, local food.

"We've been open almost five weeks now, and since then we've been really busy.

"It's all locally sourced food. I'm a farmer myself so think it's really important to support local people producing really good quality food.

"We both worked together on farms when we were younger and the idea stemmed from that really. We wanted to sell food that was grown just a few miles down the road."

Mr Oliver said running the deli has been completely different to helping people in emergencies as a paramedic, but he takes pride in both jobs.

He said: ""It's a completely different environment. You are serving people who actually want to be there.

"Every day I see people as a paramedic that are having a bad day. At the deli people actually choose to come visit and want to be here.

"I put a lot of pride into both aspects. I obviously get huge satisfaction from helping people, but also am proud of getting a five star food hygiene here, and promoting local businesses."

The paramedic, who will be at the deli once or twice a week between his four 12 hour shifts, says the business has been really well received so far.

"It's been really good so far. Local businesses have welcomed us, and I feel like all the customers have also been very positive.

"We started it because we both enjoy food and look for quality in food. You can buy a cheap, quick sandwich anywhere but we really wanted to sell local food that just has that something extra. .

"We are using local producers and everything has come from within at least 20 or 30 miles of here."

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