Robert Dylan Pine customers 'at the end of their tether' after not receiving goods

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 12 May 2017

Disgruntled customers claim they are at their wits end after being "left out of pocket" by an East Yorkshire furniture firm.

A number of people from across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have contacted the Mail after purchasing goods from Robert Dylan Pine in Wawne.

The company were previously subject to a police investigation after a number of people complained they had not received their furniture or refunds over the Christmas period. The investigation was later dropped, with the company promising customers they would pay outstanding amounts of money and that the complications had been because they were "a victim of their own success."

However, over the past few months, more customers have complained about the company. One Leeds-based customer told the Mail she had been waiting months for a refund after her order, placed in December, failed to materialise.

She said: "I ordered a dining set, which included a table and chairs with a bench.

"I placed my order on December 15th, paying £240, and was given a delivery date of early January. Since then I have been given about 12 different delivery dates, waiting in for items which have never arrived.

"After getting to my wits end, I asked for a refund, but since then I have heard nothing. I tried to contact them over the past couple of nights and have had no response. They are not even responding to my messages on Facebook, yet they are still advertising new items for sale on there."

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Another customer, from Scunthorpe, estimates she has exchanged more than 100 messages with the owner of the business, and is now doubtful she will ever receive a refund from her £230 order.

The customer, who bought a dining set with five chairs and a bench, placed the order in January after spotting an offer on the Robert Dylan Pine Facebook page.

However, after being given three different delivery dates with no sign of the furniture arriving, she asked for a refund.

She said: "I am at the end of my tether, we have been sending messages backwards and forwards, and we are getting nowhere. At first, I didn't mind because they were going to deliver it while we were on holiday, so I said to leave it until we got back, but after a few weeks when there was still no sign of it I began to worry.

"I asked for a refund and was told that would take at least two weeks, so I said I was happy to wait. But then the owner rang me and asked if I was sure I didn't want the furniture, then when I rang him again he said his daughter was in hospital.

"I know it might not sound like a lot of money but it is to me. I do not expect I will ever get it back, but I want to stop other people from having to go through the same thing."

However owner Ian McCormack, who runs the company with his business partner, Steven Watson, said all customers will receive either their goods or refunds in full.

He said: "At the end of the day I am a carpenter, not a businessman, and the business has only been going less than a year, so we are still learning.

"Everything we do is handmade and it takes time. We are making good furniture at great prices. Yes, of course there is a cash flow problem, but we need to get an accountant in to sort that out.

"There have been a few orders and refunds we have not been able to meet on time, but are working on these and nobody will be left out of pocket."

Mr McCormack said a Facebook group, the Robert Dylan Pine Experience, had exacerbated the company's cashflow problems as it had made customers cancel their order before their goods had been dispatched.

"What has not helped is when people see negative things posted about us on Facebook - most of it which is made up – and then cancel their order," he said. "This means we are left out of pocket as we have already paid out for materials and done the work.

"The problem is nobody ever hears about all the hundreds of customers who have received their goods and are now laying on their beds which we have handmade here in Wawne; they just hear about a few negative stories."

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