Siemens boss Juergen Maier takes first extended electric-powered flight

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 28 Jun 2017

ONE of green energy's biggest advocates, and a staunch supporter of the Humber, has given a glimpse of the near future.

Juergen Maier, chief executive of Siemens UK, was in the cockpit for the FIRST extended flight of an electric powered plane. It took place yesterday (Tuesday, June 27), at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The key figure in the creation of Hull's offshore wind turbine blade facility described it as "totally amazing".

Mr Maier said: "This is like being the Wright Brothers, creating a first... a brand new flying experience." With renewable energy reaching a critical mass and now a mainstream source of power for the UK, attention is turning to maximising use, with electric vehicles seen as key, as well as large-scale storage to reduce the variable nature of wind and solar generation.

Siemens has developed the hybrid electric propulsion systems for aircraft, working with several partner companies to develop and test for small planes and passenger aircraft.

Airbus and Siemens plan to jointly develop prototypes for various propulsion systems for short, local trips with aircraft below 100 seats, helicopters or UAVs up to classic short and medium-range journeys. I

In the field of Ultra Light, which this extended debut was, Siemens has worked with Magnus Aircraft, a Hungarian company. 

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Called Magnus eFusion, it made its maiden flight at the Matkópuszta airfield in Kecskemet, Hungary on April 11. 

Mr Maier, a graduate engineer, who came to the UK from Austria in 1974, is a major thought leader on industrial strategy, frequently contributing to high-level discussions on Britain's future.  He was also a strong advocate of the country remaining in the EU.

He was a keynote speaker at the Humber Northern Powerhouse Business Summit last year, and has also previously addressed Lincolnshire Iron and Steel Institute. 

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