Springfield Solutions create the ten colours of Hull for City of Culture

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 27 Jan 2017

Digital print and brand management specialist, Springfield Solutions, is bringing a splash of colour to Hull's City of Culture celebrations.

The company, which is based in Thomas Street, has produced a "City of Colour" colour card, similar to those used by paint and coating companies, mapping out colours associated with Hull.

It features Hull Fair; Chip Spice; Tiger Amber; East Park (green); King Billy Gold; The Deep (blue); Amy Johnson Sky; Land of Green Ginger; Larkin Lemon, Toad and The Olde Black Boy, to name just some of the creative shades.

The cards will be used to promote the company's revolutionary digital printing techniques to national and international companies, while at the same time promoting Hull across the world.

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Matt Dass, joint managing director, said they had produced the colour cards by asking staff which colours they associated most with Hull.

Their employees did not disappoint, coming up with a total of 54 different hues and shades which represented different parts of their beloved city.

Springfield Solutions then tasked their expert colour matching team to create swatches which reproduced each colour, and from those, produced the colour cards.

Mr Dass said: "As a Hull company born and bred, we're delighted by the City of Culture status, which we believe will help put Hull on the world map just as much as the renewable energy revolution and our premiership football team."But we wanted to play a part in the celebrations also, and we wanted to do that in a way only we could, utilising the skills and expertise that we have spent more than 40 years developing.

"The result is our 'City of Colour' colour cards, which map Hull's different shades and moods.

"We've used the latest digital printing techniques to create these cards and every colour that features represents a different part of the city.

"By sending it out to companies in this country and abroad, we're not only demonstrating what we are capable of, we're also highlighting what a vibrant and colourful place Hull is, especially during 2017."

The card is the result of months of research and development into using digital printing techniques to create colour swatches for the paint and coatings industry.

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Previously, more traditionally printing techniques have been used to create colour cards, but these are expensive and can only be produced in very large numbers.

Digital print enables the cards to be produced in smaller batches, making the process more efficient and cost effective, but retaining all the quality of analogue printing.

Mr Dass said: "Digital print has a lot of advantages over more traditional forms of print, such as the ability to do short runs, and quicker press set up times which makes the whole process more efficient. "But up until recently, it didn't quite match the quality of analogue printing.

"However, with improvements in digital presses and our own constant innovation and R&D, we have achieved that.

"This means paints and coatings companies can now benefit from the advantages of digital printing and that is a big step forward."

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