Stress testing engineers' training could lengthen asset lifespan

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 25 Jan 2017

TWO senior stress engineers from Immingham-based On Line Design and Engineering have recently completed he API 579 fitness for service course at The Welding Institute headquarters at Abington, Cambridgeshire.

Andy Brown and Muhammad Waheed attended the four-day course, which brings the capability to assess pressure vessels and piping for continued service when they have suffered general or specific corrosion or damage beyond their normal design limits.

It is an industry recognised qualification which strengthens On Line Design's reputation as one of the leading design consultancies in the area.

Potential benefits include the attraction of new work from both local and national clients. The company has already built closer working relationships with clients' inspection departments as a result of the course.

Mr Brown said: "I believe that obtaining this qualification will ultimately benefit both On Line Design and Engineering and our clients, as it potentially enables vessels and pipework to be assessed and approved for continued service after they have suffered damage beyond the original design code parameters, thus saving the client expensive down-time and the purchase of new equipment."

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