Subway at Sewells in Hull and East Yorkshire have launched this epic six-foot super sub

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 10 May 2017

This gigantic six-foot long sandwich which can fill the bellies of around 25 people is now available at three Subway chains in the area.

The super sub, which is split into four epic portions and stuffed with four of your favourite toppings, has been launched by the fast food giant and can be ordered for as little as £60.

The feast, which has been targeted for consumption at birthday parties, football matches and other events, which attract people with big appetites, has been launched at three petrol stations in East Yorkshire which have Subway stores.

Sewell On The Go, which operates stores at 12 petrol stations across the county, has introduced the sub at its three chains which have Subway franchises in Northgate, Cottingham; Brough Road, South Cave and in Chanterlands Avenue, west Hull.

Kate Barbour, operations manager for Sewell On The Go, noticed no other Subways in East Yorkshire were offering the six-foot subs and after a customer rang up to see if she could order one they decided to make them a part of the menu.

Hull Daily Mail workers tuck into the six-foot super sub.

She said: "Around here, none of the other stores do it and when we had a lady ring up about six weeks ago asking if she could order one for her daughter's ninth birthday party we thought why not - let's do something different.

"I think it's got that novelty factor and I think off the back of it, more people will discover the platters and I just think it's important to make sure that people are aware of it."

Ruth Spencer, who manages Subway across the three chains, said: "It is available from now on all round the year. It's great for football events so when the World Cup is back on I'm sure it will be a hit. It's also great for birthday parties.

"We are hoping that the people of East Yorkshire will take to them and that they will be popular. We think they're great value for money."

The subs, which must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance, can be packed with any of your favourite combinations so long as it it has no more than four toppings.

These might include Chipotle Chicken Melt, Spicy Italian or Steak and Cheese. However you can also fill it with your own choice of meats including ham, turkey and tuna topped with salads such as peppers, spinach and jalapenos.

The price may vary depending on what you choose to fill your sub with and unfortunately due to the gargantuan nature of the sandwich, Subway has not yet developed toasters which can fit the super meals.

Sewell On The Go opened its three Subway stores in quick succession, the most recent being the Cottingham franchise which created 12 new jobs when it was opened in November 2016.

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