'Sudoku' grid to give passwords the heave-ho

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 20 Mar 2017

A grid of numbers looking a bit like a Sudoku game is set to get rid of passwords according to its two British inventors.

ShayypeTM is many times more secure than passwords, gives users new hacker-resistant login codes every time, yet is far easier to recall and use than passwords.

One UK firm, leading insurance quotation site 3XD, has already announced plans to trial Shayype as soon as possible to protect customers and its own website from hacking.

CEO David Fulluck said: "Urgent action is required across the financial technology sector in the wake of the alarming number of hacks and data breaches currently happening. But until now, the big question has been - how? What's so interesting about Shayype is that it takes vulnerable static passwords out of the equation completely, but is easier to use."

Electronics engineer, Jon Beal, and journalist Jonathan Craymer who came up with the new system hope members of the public and businesses will help them fund vital testing on thousands of people.

Mr Craymer said: "Arguably, cyber-crime is the biggest danger we all face right now. Anything connected to the internet, which apparently now even includes medical devices, can be hacked so easily because fixed passwords or ID codes are still the attackers' favourite way in. The answer is to have something where the code you enter changes every time, without increasing complexity or making people carry devices.

"We're hoping we have managed to do something the tech giants failed to do - finding a simple replacement for passwords, PINs, door-codes etc. But Shayype is far more than this. We hope it will give back ordinary people the control they deserve over aspects like identity, privacy and trust."

For more information about Shayype's crowdfunding campaign visit https://www.leocrowd.com/projects/730/Shayype:-Redesigning-Passwords.

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