The Future of Grimsby is set as theme for national enterprise challenge

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 6 Oct 2017

THE Future of Grimsby has been chosen as the 2018 theme for major social enterprise challenge Our Place In The World.

Founded by entrepreneurs and philanthropists Tom and Claire Shutes, in partnership with InnovationRCA at the Royal College of Art and UnLtd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs, it is a call to  start-ups, innovators, students and residents to submit suggestions and plans that will contribute to the regeneration as it prepares for a major development spike.

North East Lincolnshire Council recently revealed multi-million pound plans for a Greater Grimsby Town Deal that could bring 7,700 new homes and 5,400 new jobs to the area; with organisers describing it as "this real opportunity for dynamic change-making, regenerating an urban centre through social enterprise".

Portfolio holder for regeneration, assets, skills and housing at NELC, Cllr Peter Wheatley, said: “We are excited to be working with Our Place In The World to look at ways of engaging community in positive change-making, as well as generating input from the social entrepreneur community.  Ultimately, these could feed into the proposals that we have drawn up and which we hope could become a blueprint for how similar towns across the country could work with central government on major regeneration projects.”

Angela Blake addresses the audience at The Royal College of Art.

EXCITING TIMES: Angela Blake speaks as part of a panel launching The Future of Grimsby themed challenge for Our Place in the World, at The Royal College of Art.

The Our Place in the World cycle will start with a call for submissions from September to December 2018, mentoring of shortlisted projects through the Challenge’s partners until June 2019, with winners announced in Sept 2019.

The Future of Grimsby theme was announced at the wards ceremony for the inaugural challenge, held at the Royal College of Art. Following presentation of prizewinners' projects on that topic, The Referendum. 

Mr Shutes, who conceived of the idea as a response to the new set of issues that the Brexit vote brought to the fore, with a re-assessment of how we renegotiate ‘our place in the world’ being chief amongst these, said:  “We set up the first year’s theme to complement Tom Watson’s independent Commission on the Future of Work and benefitted from his team’s involvement in helping identify our winners. Our vision for was to use the challenge to address specific issues regionally, so we are delighted to be working with North East Lincolnshire Council for 2018, tackling a live situation by inviting innovative responses to the town’s regeneration opportunities.”

As part of the event, a panel discussion was held on The Future of Grimsby, featuring Angela Blake, driector of ecnomy and growth at North East Lincolnshire Council, as well as senior representatives of UnLtd social entrepreneurs, regeneration experts and challenge partners. It was chaired by The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design chairman, Jeremy Myerson.

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