Today Cleethorpes, tomorrow Bollywood for popular estate agent!

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 1 Feb 2017

AN estate agent said he had brought investors to North East Lincolnshire and hopes his next stop is Bollywood.

Popular Cleethorpes estate agent Harp Chatha appeared on Channel 4 series Britain’s Benefit Tenants giving viewers a “fly-on-the-wall” view of the lot of an estate agent working in North East Lincolnshire.

In one incident he was spat at by a former tenant and the Sikh-born professional said he also incurred racial abuse.

But the benefits outweighed the hurt, he said.

Harp said: “It has done some massively good things for our area.

“Doing the programme was a risk. I was mindful how I would be portrayed by the programme makers and how the public would perceive me.

“But there have been some positives because there have been clients and landlords getting in touch to say how well I conducted myself and the positive view I gave of Grimsby and Cleethorpes.”

He added: “Many people do not realise what we go through as a letting agent and being in the frontline. Yes I was spat at in the programme and in the past I have been stabbed with a syringe.”

Harp joked: “With all the tests I had to undergo my wife though I had been playing away. But it is something that happens. That is reality.”

He said his estate agency, Aston Estates on Grimsby Road, had a number of enquiries from London and Brighton from potential investors attracted by the offer of properties to rent for as low as £30,000.

Harp said: “That has generated interest not just for us but other estate agents in the area.

“I had a couple from Deal in Kent looking to move to Cleethorpes.”

He added: “Ninety nine per cent of the feedback has been good and the other one per cent has been the expected racist and derogatory comments about myself that came online. But you can’t make an omlette without breaking some eggs.

“But it has been good to get the general public’s comments when I have been out in shops and they have said they did not realise how difficult the industry is. People think we are just there to pocket the money. But in reality it is an industry which is getting harder and more regulated.”

Harp said: “Overall I think it has put our area in a positive light and shows how professional and proactive the staff here are and how smart we are in our corporate uniforms.”

He joked: “Who knows I could be approached by Bollywood and get a ticket on an Air India flight for auditions.”

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