Top Grimsby butcher celebrates 125 years in business... and gives us an in-depth insight

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 29 Aug 2017

A GRIMSBY butcher who has been supplying the area with high-quality produce for the past 125 years has shared its secret to success.

John Pettit and Sons is an award-winning family-run butcher’s based in the heart of Grimsby town centre, and was once the proud producer of the best sausages in the whole of the UK.

Currently managed by Andy Johnson, he is the fourth generation of the Pettit family to run the Bethlehem Street business, after taking over control from his father-in-law a few years ago, continuing the ethos of providing well-sourced, high quality meat that can be fully traced from farm to fork.

“We still use the same supply chain that we have used for the past 40 years, as we pride ourselves on producing a consistent product, and while sometimes it may be more expensive, it assures us of the quality of the meat products, as we how know how the animals have been reared, what they have been fed, and when they are ready for slaughter,” he said.

“Our sausage recipe is also something that has stayed the same for many years, not changing since about 1810, still making them the old fashioned way, using pork shoulder and belly and we were the proud winners of the best sausages in the UK four times in row.

“The only people who I have ever noticed to have an issue with them are southerners who can’t handle the spice of a Lincolnshire sausage.”

In recent years independent butcher’s have fallen on tough times, as people are now often choosing to go to large supermarkets to buy their meat, but Mr Johnson was keen to stress that while it may appear that you are getting a cheaper product, people would be surprised of the real value for money they could be getting.

He said: “It is not just our butcher’s but all of the local independent butcher’s in the area that strive to provide the town with the best quality food.

“Unlike the big supermarkets, we can trace our food from the exact field that our animals come from, and I am even getting regular update videos of how our free range turkeys are doing ahead of Christmas.

“With the large supermarkets people may feel like they are getting a better deal as the prices can be lower, this is usually not the case as they will often get a much smaller weight of product, that can often be filled with other additives like water in order to make them heavier.

“One week you could pay £10 for half a pound of meat and the next week it could easily be the same price for a quarter pound.

“That is not the case with your local butcher, who will have consistent prices and a fair weight, giving you the best value for money overall.”

John Pettit’s offers next day delivery to all of its customers in North East Lincolnshire, and will bring anything you want from the store directly to you door, and starting next week they will be offering the service to the whole of the UK, so if you are away from home for a while and miss the taste of good Lincolnshire sausages or red meat, you can have your craving satisfied.

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