VoIP, SIP, Hosted, PBX, …or a mixture of new and proven technologies!

By Cobus Communications | Posted: 15 Mar 2017

What is the best choice for YOUR Business Operation?

…I’ve written about this subject on more than one occasion but its positioning and my professional opinion can and does change subject to a number of external factors including network resilience, competent suppliers, and the End Users [Customers] chosen direction. With all of the relatively new technology acronyms that are being constantly bound about it can be extremely difficult for business owners and telephony decision makers to make a confident and well informed choice with so many options and somewhat contradictory information and opinions regarding ‘what are’ the best options available! After spending over 25-years in the telecom and technology sectors I’ve experienced, first hand, numerous changes and developments with a number of very exciting advances providing some good and some, well, not so good benefits for the End User! Over recent years the industry is and has being changing and adapting with many businesses uncertain if they should consider the ‘new’ technologies that are available to them, what is certain is that the technology sector has recognised a significant growth in telephony platforms benefiting from the introduction of enhanced VoIP (Voice-over-IP) services.

The terms VoIP, SIP, and Hosted telephony are now becoming more and more recognised with an increased rise in business confidence regarding this relatively new technology and delivery format, and with big operators like BT suggesting a potential turning off of traditional ISDN network delivery by 2025 its becoming something that does warrant some thoughtful consideration! As I’ve mentioned before VoIP systems utilising ‘Hosted’ and/or ‘SIP’ technology can be a realistic consideration over the more conventional and traditional digital PBX system utilising ISDN2/30 (or even Analogue Lines!) in some applications. Today’s VoIP options can provide businesses a feature-rich telephony solution that incorporates many of the features without the need for an initial outlay while providing modern applications such as voicemail-to-email, call recording, automated attendants, call reporting and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) with your LAN (Local Area Network) as well as popular CRM software applications.

But, while VoIP technology can offer short term benefits regarding initial start-up costs (with well-publicised claims of lower or even free calls and line rentals!) and is very easy to expand across local and remote site working, it does require reliable and resilient internet connectivity that’s properly configured and implemented. The correct connectivity needs to be optimised for voice and this is all too often the main point of failure and contention regarding installations of this type when not managed correctly by a telephony professional and experienced telephony provider, and is something that many IT providers can underestimate and often get caught out with! The current and ongoing improvements regarding reliability, up-time, and bandwidth delivery of the various connectivity options available have been an instrumental driving force in pushing this technology forward that’s now seen as the future of next generation telephony. Cobus has seen significant growth in the sales and delivery of both fully Hosted ‘Cloud’ solutions as well as a noticeable growth in the provision of SIP onto Hardware PBX systems to allow the saving benefits of SIP while utilising existing PBX equipment to provide a true hybrid solution.

At Cobus we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive telecoms assessment that’s based on a true evaluation of the correct solution for the Customer in that we take the time to understand the user’s requirements, now but also considering realistic growth potential, while also looking at applications, the relevant installation environment, and of course the allocated and available budget. As a recognised and award winning supplier of all available telecoms technologies for over 25-years Cobus are able to provide an accurate proposal based around the needs of the user and discuss the different advanced communication technologies that are available for your business and ultimately what will be the best overall solution for your business and not ours! There is no one-system solution that’s best for all, a square plug will not fit into a round hole! that’s why we provide our recommendations based on a detailed assessment of where a Customer currently is, where a Customer would like to be, and where a Customer might be in the foreseeable future!

Therefore, to summarise…whether you’re considering to install a VoIP solution (incorporating Hosted and/or SIP technology) or you feel that a digital PBX hardware solution, that can also incorporate the cost saving benefits of SIP/VoIP, is the best option for you – your choice between delivery methods will be determined by a number of factors such as whether you treat your phone system as capital expenditure or an operating expenditure as well as your company’s plans for growth and available in-house expertise and the requirement for segregated resilience. But, whatever your final decision, your first decision should be to speak to a business that understands all aspects of the technology and options available to you! Contact Cobus today on (01482) 225666 and arrange for a member of our professional team to take the complications and uncertainty out of the equation and explain things in more simple terms.

After all, we have been engineering the future of communication for over 25-years so we do understand a thing or two about what works best for our valued customers, that could be VoIP, SIP, Hosted, Traditional ISDN2/30, or a combination of converged technologies…

Visit: www.cobus.co.uk, Telephone: (01482) 225666 or email sales@cobus.co.uk 

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