Waltham residents 'overwhelmed' by sudden plans for hundreds of homes

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 10 Jul 2017

People living in Waltham feel "somewhat overwhelmed" by the sheer number of houses that developers are looking to build in and around the village.

The comments, from Waltham Parish Council clerk, Lesley Leach, come as village councillors l have recommended that North East Lincolnshire Council's planning committee to refuse yet another planning application for permission to build more houses in the village.

The latest application related to land directly opposite Grimsby Town's Cheapside training ground, and is seeking permission to build seven large houses, directly behind a cluster of existing properties.

NELC's planning committee will have the final say on whether or not the plans go ahead or are thrown out, and members will take into consideration the parish's recommendations.

The Waltham councillors felt as a collective that the development application, submitted by Land Developers (Lincs) Ltd, would result in "over intensification" of the site and represented a "considerable departure" from a previously successful outline application.

Two of the proposed properties are planned to be built with a close proximity to existing bungalows and the development would have a "detrimental effect" on local amenities, according to parish chairman, Martin Archer (pictured left).

Councillor Archer, who does not vote on planning matters but chaired a meeting when the application was discussed, said: "The site is not being considered as an area for development in the new local plan and would only increase the density in the area.

"The parish council is mindful that development has to take place but we must take in to account the type and style of any development.

"It would over intensify the site. It's just not the right type of development.

"We hope that our ward councillors support our views on the planning committee. We have provided valid planning reasons for refusal so I hope the committee listen."

The application included plans to extend the footpath on the opposite side of the road to the development, which residents would have to cross the road in order to access.

Councillor Archer went on to explain that because the footpath would not serve the residents directly, when trying to negotiate a road with a 60mph speed limit for vehicles, the parish council felt it necessary to recommend it for refusal based on this also.

The application, submitted by Ross Davy Associates on behalf of the applicant, detailed how the proposed scheme has "evolved through careful consideration", and would develop land within a "sustainable location and services are available by foot or bike".

This application is the latest in several applications to build new homes in the village. Ninety homes have been given approval for construction at land off Cheapside, along with 51 next to the village fire station, Station Road.

Plans for a further 194 homes have also been submitted by Cyden Homes, with large developments also planned at Bradley road and Brigsley Road.

Bradley Road site where there are plans for 66 new homes to be developed

Campaign group, Waltham Residents Action Group, have actively spoke out against the raft of prospective new houses, and parish clerk, Lesley Leach, says the village infrastructure is already struggling to cope with demand.

She said: "We know that we are not immune to development but we would like to ensure that the village and infrastructure can support any development.

"There is a lot on the cards that has not even been started yet and we already struggle with parking and school places in the village.

"The parish council is trying to say don't put the horse before the cart. We need to ensure we are not overstretched.

"It's got to be the right kind of development in the right places, when the infrastructure is in place to support it.."

North East Lincolnshire Council's planning committee will next meet on Wednesday, July 19.

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