What makes this Hull's most expensive street and what is it like to live there?

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 5 Mar 2017

Some lucky residents on a newly built estate in north Hull have the privilege of living in some of the most expensive streets in the city.

New figures based on house sales in 2016 revealed three of the top five most expensive streets in the city are found in Kingswood.

The red-bricked housing estate was developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s as an extension to northern Bransholme and now incorporates a booming retail park with an ASDA superstore, a bowling complex and even a leisure centre.

And the expansion isn't showing any signs of slowing down with more than 3,000 new homes set to be built at the request of Hull City Council in a bid to create more school places for young children.

But what is so great about living in Kingswood and what do residents really think about their status of living on an elite estate in Hull?

The Hull Daily Mail spoke to three residents from each of the most expensive streets in Kingswood to get their views on life in modern-day suburbia.

Victoria Aitken, a 33-year-old mum-of-three moved into her new home in Hampstead Gardens with her husband Simon just before Christmas.

With an eight-month-old son to look after, the pair were keen to find a base for their growing family and are now flourishing in their new four-bed detached house.

Mrs Aitken said: "It's so lovely. When I first moved to the area four years ago there was barely anything here but since the shops and the schools have opened you can really feel the community spirit and it's particularly nice when everyone is sitting outside in the sun.

"Everyone is really nice and friendly - we never get any problems."

Despite enjoying her surroundings, Mrs Aitken admitted she was shocked to learn her home was in one of Hull's most expensive streets.

She said: "It did surprise me because we moved to Kingswood because the prices were more reasonable than Hessle.

"We were going to move to Hessle but we thought that rather than getting the kids to move to school it would be better to keep them around here with their friends."

Because the estate is so new, a lot of developments are still ongoing and construction work is happening outside the couple's house at this moment in time.

However, she insisted that it was a small price to pay with the land set to be flattened and not used for any more homes in the future.

She said: "It's not too bad having it there. We did have five containers there about three weeks ago but they have moved to a new site so it's nice to finally get our view back.

"It wasn't nice seeing those and it can be a bit of a pain having builders there but we know they are not going to be there for too much longer."

Dental receptionist Anne-Marie Chambers rents a property in Stable Way with her partner Brett Coulson and she too was surprised to see her street make the top five.

"I was chuffed to think it was my street and it's nice to be associated with that," the 42-year-old said.

"I've only been here for less than six months but it's just got a nice feel to it. The houses are all built to a nice quality and they are not packed in - they're quite spaced out.

"The only thing to improve is the paths and roads but they are finally being done.

"Parking is also a bit of an issue because we can only fit one car on the drive which is a shame but it's the grass at the front which also adds to the property."

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Leading the way as the most expensive street in Hull is Runnymede Avenue, which boasts an average sale price of more than £300,000.

Kerry Young, a 37-year-old housewife who lives on the street with her husband Dave and four-year-old son Sam, said: "I don't know what other houses round here are priced at but it did surprise me really.

"We've been here four years and I think they have probably gone up quite a bit in that time."

Mrs Young has lived on the Kingswood estate for eight years after previously owning a property in Pools Brook Park.

She enjoys the fact that everything is close by and that there is a primary and secondary school for local children on the estate to go to.

She added: There's nothing to improve at all. It's so quiet to say there are so many houses - even in the evening and on the weekend when you think it would be a lot busier."

You can take a look at the five most expensive streets in Hull and Beverley by clicking here.

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