Mobile phone signals mapped in Hull and East Yorkshire: Where is the best and worst?

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 5 Feb 2017

Hull and its surrounding villages are still plagued by poor mobile phone signals, new data reveals.

The latest heatmap shows clusters of city streets, suburbs and rural communities with poor signal, with some even struggling with the most basic connections.

The green areas show on the site show strong coverage and red suggests frequent interruptions. It covers basic 2G, standard 3G and enhanced 4G networks.

We went out to areas which appeared to have some of the poorest signals to find out how bad reception was. Areas shown with poor reception on the website included streets in west Hull and the Avenues. Newland Avenue and areas off Hessle Road and Hall Road in Orchard Park were shown to be particularly poor.

Goddard Avenue, off Newland Avenue, has one of the worst signals in inner city Hull.

Sajeeban Chandrasegaram, who runs Goddard Convenience on the street, says that the poor coverage affects his business.

"It is quite bad down here," Sajeeban, 25, says. "I'm on O2 and it is quite slow. I've only got two bars at the moment.

"It affects the lottery machine we have for printing tickets because that's connected to the phone signal. The internet coverage is quite bad as well most of the time. It's frustrating."

The heat map suggests you're also likely to have trouble if you live in most areas of rural south east Holderness and in communities west of Hull such as Kirk Ella and Swanland.

Swanland resident Jill Knudson recognises the map's findings too.

"I can't use my new phone at all because the signal doesn't work," she says.

"So I've gone back to using my old phone. Whether that's a problem with the phone or the network I don't know but it's not encouraging. It was particularly bad in Swanland before Christmas, though I think they were doing some work on the network in the area so it might have been something to do with that."

But is a poor signal really that unusual and how does Hull compare with the rest of the country?

A Parliamentary report published at the end of last year suggested that around 17 million Brits struggle to get good coverage and there are around 525 blackspots across the country where virtually no signal can be found.

Phone companies for their part, seem to acknowledge there is a problem, with EE responding to that Parliamentary report by saying better coverage is "critical" for the country, although they also claimed that significant advances since 2014 had gone unrecognised.

But that's of little consolation to businesses in Kirk Ella, for whom communication with customers is vitally important.

"It is really rubbish round here," says Liz Skipsey, 48, who runs a hairdressers in Packman Lane. "It is really slow, as is the 4G. It's not great in Willerby either where I live.

Her next door neighbour, newsagent Neil Oakes agrees, but how can the issue be improved.

"A lot of the time I have to go outside the shop to make a call, Neil says. "More masts would help, but then you have issues around planning permission and whether or not you can build something up."

And that in short nails the complexity of the problem. Although logic would dictate that the passing time will make us better connected, the process of progress is likely to be a gradual one.

Until then, you'll just have to make do with your friends and family cutting off randomly while in mid-sentence, although if it's someone ringing up to offer you PPI, that might not be too much of a bad thing.

Phone signal blackspots

These are some, though certainly not all, of the places where your reception is likely to die a death.

  • Goddard Avenue, off Newland Avenue
  • Redbourne Street, off Hessle Road
  • Hall Road, Orchard Park
  • Swanland
  • Hedon
  • Howden
  • Beverley (south west)
  • Kirk Ella

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